Prisoner Transportation

Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is critical to success in any business. At California Extradition Service LLC, we put your satisfaction at the forefront of our work. When it comes to prisoner transportation, there’s no better group to partner with than our highly trained service team. With the technology, equipment, professionalism, and experience that our agents possess, your inmates are sure to reach their destination safely and promptly. Whether you require single prisoner transportation or group transit units, we’re prepared for it all. Put your security needs in the hands of our licensed officials and see our professionalism and performance firsthand.

Hiring the right prisoner extradition team for your needs isn’t always easy. Too often, transportation crews are concerned with their bottom line rather than with protecting your inmates. As a national partner for penal transportation solutions, we consider it our obligation to enlist the industry’s most professional recruits. In turn, this ensures our partners maintain a strong workforce capable of meeting prisoner transportation needs of every kind.

Whether we’re transporting the incarcerated between prisons or bringing them back from the hospital, we treat them humanely. We have an unwavering commitment to protecting convicts from themselves and from others to ensure they arrive at their destination unharmed. Put our agents to the test when you need a team that you can trust.

Providing Convenient, Safe Prisoner Extradition Services

We are committed to our responsibility to public safety. Putting your prisoners’ needs in the hands of an underqualified security team could put their safety at risk, be it from unprofessional agents or each other. When you take advantage of our dependable prisoner extradition services, we ensure your convicts’ safety and security are upheld during transit.

Each of our members is well-versed in federal regulations regarding prisoner transportation. They are qualified to make all of the necessary calls to keep everyone safe from place to place. In addition, all of our specialized vehicles are designed exclusively to meet the needs of our partners and their detainees. From standard features including protected lighting and custom ventilation to optional interlocking systems and floor water drainage systems, our units can be customized to fit your unique needs. We also proudly provide wheelchair accessible vehicles for clients with healing or disabled convicts. With our humane and professional treatment and outstanding service to you, we’re prepared to exceed any and all expectations.

Contact our specialists for safe, reliable prisoner transportation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Based in Oakland, California, we proudly serve clients throughout the U.S., including Hawaii.